Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Apparently the boys' bus driver is doing a little Christmas trivia with them to pass the time. She tells them what it will be about and then asks for the answer the next day. They came home wanting to know about the Twelve Days of Christmas.

While I think that song is a wonderful Christmas tradition, I'm not about to sing it, it's horrible! The repetition drives me up a wall. However, I was more than happy to sing the final verse, starting at twelve. I was singing it and trying to get the boys to join in and act out what was happening so they'd be able to remember it better. Eli was excited to be a Leaping Lord, Noah and Eli would both be Ladies Dancing, they would all do "swimming" motions for Swimming Swans. They pointed to my rings for the Golden Rings, Jesse would fly like a bird for any of the birds, Simon would act like a turtle crawling for the Turtle Doves (which cracked me up by the way).

The VERY best one though was when we came to Geese. I wasn't sure how to do a goose laying an egg, so I figured I'd see what they came up with, I mean, why should I be the one with all of the ideas? I will document below:

"Noah, be a goose laying an egg!" I encouraged. Noah thought for a second and before he could act, Simon came over and sort of sat down, as one would to lay an egg. It worked for me. I was ready to head to the Golden Rings.

"Wait! Wait!" Eli yelled. He ran over to the center of us, sat kind of on his knees and ripped a BIG fart. Then he laughed and laughed. All the boys laughed and laughed. I laughed and laughed while shaking my head.

Bet you'll never think of "Geese-a-laying" the same will you?

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McBorn said...

Hilarious! Such a boy thing to do!