Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Jesse is getting too tall for his carseat, the straps don't fit his shoulders right anymore. We moved him up to a booster seat and he couldn't be more pleased. He likes to buckle himself in, which takes forever and a day, but I'm sure he'll get faster. I hope.

And it is so nice to have no one in a "car seat," well, everyone is in a booster, but still, no more five point harnesses for us. No pangs of nostalgia here, I'm glad to see them go. We are just shy of ten years of dealing with at least one car seat in the car, and for a period of time there were three. Good times!
One day Jesse said, "We're all in boosters now! We're a booster family! But not you Mom, you're not in a booster. Do you want to get a booster seat so you can be a part of our booster family?"
"No Jesse, I'm not going to get a booster, I fit just fine in the seat without a booster. And I don't think you're supposed to drive a car while you are in a booster seat." The other boys laughed and laughed at picturing me using a booster while driving.
Most days he comments on us being a "booster family" at least once. He'll be so sad when Eli finally breaks 80 lbs and 4-9 or whatever it is and leaves his booster seat behind. But at the rate they keep changing the recommendations, I'll be a booster seat before it's all over and then we really will be a booster family. Ha!

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