Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eli Turns 10!

Eli turned 10! In our family we do family parties for birthdays but when you turn 5 you have a small friend party and when you turn 10 you get a big party.

We have talked for quite a while about what Eli would want for his party. Turns out he wanted to rent a jumpy and have a sleepover. We invited about 20 boys and 13 of them stayed the night. We've never done a sleepover before so we weren't sure how it would go, but it was great.

There was lots of jumping, eating, drinking gatorade, jumping, and movie watching. I think all of the boys had a good time, and I know Eli did.

We also had a pinta, and that was awesome, definately doing that again!

Here are some highlights:

The birthday boy, he's 10 and we're loving it! I love to watch this boy grow up.

 The cake, and there were cupcakes and two kinds of homemade ice cream :)

I tried to get individual pictures of each of the boys, but as you can see it was a party of 10 year olds and I got lots of unintentional close ups of potato chips. Nice, boys!

Taking a break to feed the koi.

Lots of boys shoes and socks laying around.

Hovering around Eli while he opened presents, he's in there somewhere!

The line for the pinta.

All the boys at movie time, complete with glow bracelets.

Happy 10th Birthday Eli!


Homestead Living said...

How fun!!! I love the up close picture of the chip! Sounds familiar. he he

Happy Birthday Eli!

Grandma Beth said...

Looks like your 10th Birthday was one You'll easily remember! Suppose your brothers will remember to ask for the same things for their tenth birthdays??

Grandma Beth said...

You have learned to do so much this first decade in your life! I wonder if You'll live 10 decades like your Great Grandpa did. He said he still learned something new every day.