Tuesday, June 05, 2012


The boys are going to the daycare one day a week so Tim can go to therapy without them and that kind of stuff.

When I picked them up one day from the daycare Noah had made some "masks" by punching eye holes in papers and drawing faces on the pictures.

Here is the first one. Some random person.

Here is the second one. It is Noah's rendition of himself. Do you see the quote on the shirt?

"I'm prtty much one of the best people I know"

Goes to show he's related to my dad!

Then here is the third and final one. It's me.

I'm not sure about the pink bow in my hair, I don't think I've had a pink bow since grade school. I do have a shirt from church that has an oval as noted on Noah's drawing, and it does say "Grace United Methodist Church" on it. But look closely, do you see that he had to draw in that I have boobs? Should I be worried? He's 8!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Mom is a most important person in Noah's life.