Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where's Matt?

We were driving through town the other day, Eli looking out the window, Simon playing with a small toy, Noah reading, Jesse looking out the window, and Tim and I talking quietly in the front seat.

Jesse interrupts us and said, "Where is Matt?"

I turned to him when I said, "He's at work."

He looked at me and said, "Well I didn't see his car at Papa John's."

Tim and I looked at each other. We are constantly amazed with this child. We weren't talking about Matt or discussing where we were in town or anything remotely related to what Jesse said. However, he knows town well enough to know where Papa's is, and where Matt parks when he works, and knows Matt's car and that it wasn't there and it should have been. We are excited to know what God will have this child do in the years to come.

I smiled at Jesse and said, "Well, he probably had to leave to deliver a pizza to someone. Don't you think?"

He smiled back, "Yeah, probably."

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Anonymous said...

Matt is not "one of the boys", but he has become part of the family. Works out perfectly that he is there when You and Tim need a strong young driver & helper!