Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tim's Birthday

I feel like Tim has birthdays way too often anymore! I guess that means I'm getting old too. But gosh, Tim is 38? It seems not so long ago that he was 19 and asking me out. But it was 19 years ago so I guess this is the year he can say he's spent half his life with me. The better half to be sure!

We went out to dinner with some friends and ended up at Applebees for dessert. Well, and drinks. Tim ALWAYS gets carded when we go out with these particular friends, and not even me necessarily. We're all laughing about it as we sit down and our waitress comes up to ask us for our drink order. We ordered drinks and she motions to our side of the table and says, "Can I see your ID?" I about fell off my chair laughing. Tim was cracking up and looked at her and said, "Do I really look like I'm not 21?" He started talking about how it was his birthday, apparently his 21st birthday. By this point she realized we were no where near 21, but she stuck to making us produce ID. She never got flustered but started harassing Tim too, which made us all laugh even harder.

I mean seriously, who gets carded on their 38th birthday? This guy?
Yes, this guy!

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Peyton talk said...

Life with you, must be keeping him young!