Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Jesse is 5 today! What is there to say? That the time has gone fast? It has, but no, I've been cherishing each day so 5 feels right. He's getting that look of a school age kid. That part is a little bitter sweet. But he's ready for some higher learning, I think. He has his own opinions these days, but then, he always seems to have. Case in point, he wanted rice crispy treats for his birthday cake instead of cake on his actual birthday.

For his party there of course were cupcakes and cake. At our house you get a friend party when you turn five. We had an angry birds party, it was a hoot.
We set up boxes that the party goers then had to throw balls at to knock down. We even had some volunteers of people wanting to be the bad piggies.

 The crazy picture of the party goers. It was a success! The last 5 year old birthday party I get to plan!

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