Thursday, June 27, 2013


Legal does not equal moral.

Marriage is a moral institution between a man, a woman, and God.

The government decided to capitalize on this bountiful institution by offering "perks" for married individuals in the form of tax incentives. To be "married" then in the eyes of the law, you are required to provide certain information (sometimes even blood testing) and pay a fee and provide the government with your change of name status so they can further track your life. This created various revenues and jobs for the government. And over time, we began to forget that marriage is not a legal institution, but a moral one.

It is a moral one, let us not forget it.

The government is now redefining who is eligible to apply for a governmental marriage certificate, as is their right since they issue the certificates. This in NO WAY changes the moral institution of marriage. It is a moral one, don't forget.

Those folks who were gay last week and living together, can now legally get married in the eyes of the law. That's great for them that they now can have the "perks" of being married under the government. They can now file for divorce and be liable for the other person's bills just like us heterosexuals.

If I had known 14 years ago what I know now-I would have never applied for a marriage certificate. We would have had our same moral and religious ceremony and I would have changed my name to honor my husband and the commitment I made to him and to God. That would have been the end of it. We would have never let the government in on what is the most sacred institution we have.


Personally, what I don't like is calling a government certified "marriage" a marriage. I feel it is very different than the moral institution that we all think of when we hear the word marriage.

To me it's like calling The Beatles and The Backstreet Boys both "bands".

The Beatles wrote and performed their own music.
The Backstreet Boys sing songs other people wrote.
True they are both in the music business, but really, are they in the same category? Not so much.
Is one better than the other? That is a personal preference.
Should there be different words to describe the different kinds of "bands"? Definitely!

Let's get on the ball with finding a different word for the governmental certified marriage, or maybe a different word for the moral institution we call marriage. One of them needs a new word!

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Peyton talk said...

I totally agree with you! They are taking the sacredness away from or moral marriages, I don't know why they couldn't come up with another term and leave ours alone.

It is kind of like when they re-termed the word church. Church will and always be a group of people celebrating their beliefs, not an organization or a building.