Thursday, February 05, 2015


My mom went to my Grandma's for a week to help her clean out and organize her sewing room, among other things. At 81 my Grandma is slowing down on the sewing and knows it is time to cull through some of her accumulated material and stuff. When my mom came back she had a bag of things for me and my sister from my Grandma's purge. One of the things for us was a new bar of Irish Spring soap. Not what we generally use, but as Flylady says "soap is soap" so it made it up to the shower in the soap holder. I didn't think anything more about it.

A few days later Eli and I had the following conversation:
Eli: That bar of new soap in the shower? We should take it out.
Me: Why?
Well it's hand soap.
Why do you say that?
It's in a bar. It's not gooey.
Well it's soap, not shower gel.

Blank stare.

Do you realize that shower gel had to be invented? Like when I was a kid we only had soap in a bar, and someone thought it'd be a good idea to make it gooey like shampoo, but before that, always a bar of soap to get clean.
Ohhhh. As he slowly raises his chin in understanding.

Mercy. Am I that old? My child doesn't know about bar soap. Have I failed him?!?

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