Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Festival on Saturday

We went to the Heritage Festival on Saturday. It's always a good time.

Eli had been wanting a gun since we went last year, and I had promised he could have one this year. (As a side note, this will be the first toy gun in our house, although, EVERYTHING ends up being a gun with my boys.) There were three different kinds he had to choose from. The "long" gun was big, the rifle with a strap on it had a certain appeal, but he wasn't sure how to use the strap, and in the end it was the double barrel shotgun that won out. It has a stamp on it of a bear claw, so he calls it his "bear gun" and thinks it's really for shooting bears. Tim told him he saw a bear getting drink down by the pond and he should get his gun, and for a fleeting second, Eli really thought there was a bear down at the pond-the precious mind of a four year old. Once he realized Tim was playing, he grabbed his gun and was down by the pond for awhile.

Noah had a good time too--no gun for him, he bit Eli on Friday night so he'll have to wait to get a gun (I wasn't ready for him to have one yet anyway). He couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to go on the other side of the fence for the Hatchet throwing demonstration, that's my Noah. His best time was eating the ice from the strawberry-lemonade shake-up. He'd get distracted and walk slow and then he'd look up and realize that he had fallen back and say, "I better catch up!" and start running to us (of course I'm saying every 30 seconds, Come on Noah, catch up!).

Simon did great. He played around in the wagon with his toys and Eli and then after Eli got out to get his gun, he fell asleep in the wagon like the peaceful third child that he is.

We also went to the primitive campsite of "Barrel" and "Bucket" to visit awhile. Maybe we'll see them again at Rowdy Days!

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