Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sick baby

Poor little Simon. He's got some kind of cold. He was running a fever in the morning so I kept him home yesterday and Mom watched him until she had to go in the afternoon. I'm just glad she was over from the night before and I didn't have to run and get her. Then I took the afternoon off and stayed with him.

This morning he slept in (until almost 8) and then seemed pretty okay during the morning hours. Then after his morning nap of two hours, he was hot again. He nursed, and stayed up for half an hour and then took a two and a half hour nap. Up for an hour, and now he's sleeping again.

His nose is running like a faucet and both of his eyes are constantly dripping. He gets the eye thing from me, and I feel so badly for him! His fever seems to come and go. I sure hope he feels better tomorrow! But we don't have to do anything tomorrow so hopefully he'll get rested and better and can go back to the daycare on Monday.

I do love how snuggly he is though. I just hate that he's sick.

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