Sunday, September 24, 2006

And the torch is passed

Well, we passed a torch this weekend. Noah learned how to puke in the toilet. Exciting times!

He came into our room about 4:30 am and told me he was wet as he crawled into bed. I felt him all over and he was dry. Tim got up to go to the bathroom so I asked him to put Noah back in bed. Tim turned the light on when he got in their room because he smelled something. Noah had thrown up in bed. Poor little fella!

So I got up and started getting Noah out of his jammies while Tim took the sheets off. I helped Noah throw up again in the toilet while Tim put the clean sheets on. Noah did really well, better than when we passed the torch to Eli. And Tim did remarkably well considering he's normally really squimish.

Then he had a nasty diaper in the morning, but is fine now. Maybe something just didn't agree with him. I'm just glad he feels better now.

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