Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mr. Coney Head

Here you see Mr. Coney Head fighting the other Mr. Coney Head. I guess it's sort of like when sword fish fight?

*As a side note, Noah is doing great with his potty training, so he gets to go camping with Grandma & Grandpa; he's leaving in the morning and won't get back until Friday after I come home from work.


Mary said...

Josh and I were discussing the hilarity of this picture. He said it should be the cover of a CD. I think it would work well on the cover of an almost punk, alternative Christian rock band.

Those boys would be famous, but nobody would know who they really were, which would be convenient because of the annoyance of stalkers and groupies.

Josh said it would be like the naked boy on the Nirvana CD, without the nakedness.

Janelle said...

Well, I would like the income of famous yet anonymous boys. But if their identities were revealed, we'd have to get those driveway gates fast!