Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The schools in our town have corporate sponsors, it just started this year I think. The company I work for is the sponsor for a primary (1-3) school in the district. They had t-shirts printed for all the students and golf tees made for all the teachers. They also they came up with several ways we can volunteer at the school. One of the ways is to read a book to a class on your birthday and then donate the book to the school's library. I decided to do that, and my company even bought the book, all I had to do was pick it out. So they ordered it and I brought it home on Monday to read it to my kids since it had been a while since I was 7 and read it.

I explained to Eli that I was going to read it to a class at a school, and he says, "Are you going to be the teacher?" I said no, more like a helper just to read the book. So then he said, "Are you going to let them play?" I said, no, just read the book to them. I asked him if he thought I would be a nice teacher and he said "Yes" very softly. It was too sweet. Once I read the book, Eli and Noah both asked if I would read it again.

So I went today and read it to a first grade class. They really liked it and asked if I would read it again. I asked the librarian if we had time for me to read it again, and since we had the time, I did. They really enjoyed it the second time through, laughing at all the right times. It was really nice to have them all enjoy it so much. They all said thank you and one little boy hugged me twice and said thanks. One little girl said she was going to check it out first. I was glad I picked a book they liked, I was a little worried.

Oh, the book? Amelia Bedelia. Don't you just love when she "dusts" the furniture, "draws" the drapes, and "dresses" the chicken? I sure do!

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