Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is what a couple of superheroes look like at our house:

They were "hot" so they took off their shirts. Then they needed masks to be superheroes and water guns for their "work". Eli shoots the bad guys and Noah shoots the "cookie monsters" that tend to invade our house every evening. Lucky for us, we have two superheroes who are adept at clearing out the house.

If only they were so good at everything.... Eli fed the rabbits tonight like he always does, and later he was playing on the back porch with some tools and I went to see what he was doing and out the window I see the rabbits frolicking in the courtyard. We run out there and they keep hopping around, jumping and running back in the weeds, I mean flower bed.

Meanwhile Simon is in the high chair screaming since he can't see me, yeah for separation anxiety setting in. So I bring Simon out in the stroller so he can see what's going on and continue to chase the rabbits. I finally get Superman cornered and grab him. Simon thinks it's hysterical to see me carrying a wiggly rabbit. I'm glad he's not screaming! Jack was much harder to catch, he's kind of sly and not quite so friendly. Eli and I finally cornered him against the house and got him back in the cage. What an adventure!

Eli was mostly worried about an owl getting the rabbits if they didn't get back in the cage. That's what happened to Noah's original rabbit; Superman is a replacement twin.

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