Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

Boy have we had a whirlwind weekend! Friday we took dinner over to my Dad's, the boys love to go there so they can see the farm animals so every great once in a while we'll head over there. But we got home pretty late, that's the downside of going to see them. Then Saturday morning we packed up and went to the Air Force Museum. We still hadn't done anything official for our anniversary in August, so I decided that's where we would go. It's free so it only cost us our gas to go, and I get a magnet of where ever we go for our anniversary and I knew they would have magnets. Plus this was something I thought the boys would enjoy....

They did really well and by lunchtime we were headed home, they ate the lunch I had packed in the car on the way back (I'm starting to get the hang of this mom thing after 4 years!). We had a couple of appointments and then I cooked all afternoon. Turkey, au gratin potatoes, green bean casserole, and dessert. We had Tim's parents, brother, and grandparents over for dinner, we just hadn't gotten together with them in what seemed like a while so I invited everyone over. We sit down to eat and there are a total of 12 of us at the table and Noah looks around and says, "Filled up!" His eyes are glowing and he says, "The table's all filled up!" So that made the afternoon of cooking worth it to see Noah surrounded by his family and loving it.

Sunday I had to talk during church about 2007 commitments, so I ran to church for the early service and did that, then ran home and put together a casserole while Tim headed off to church to practice singing before the second service. Then the boys and I took the casserole and went to the second service where I talked again and then after church we had a carry-in. Then back home to get the boys down for naps. In the afternoon, Tim went back to church for musical practice and I had another impromptu appointment. Then the boys and I picked up a couple things at K-mart, dropped off some bags of clothes at Goodwill and picked up a couple items at the grocery. When we got home Tim was back and I fed the boys and then it was pretty much bedtime. Shew!

Then Tim and I did a quick clean up session downstairs since we had our first Small Group meeting Monday night at our house. It went really well, we picked out a book and talked a little about what our expectations were from the group and had dessert. Between 4 couples we have 10 kids so we hired two sitters. It was kind of hard for our boys to share all of their toys with kids they didn't know and with sitters they didn't know. Noah knew one of the sitters from them helping in the nursery at church, so that was good. Overall it was a good evening. We're excited for everyone to come back in two weeks.

Then Tuesday morning, Eli calls to me like something's wrong. He's getting sick in the hallway. By the time I get to him he's sitting on the floor with a puddle in front of him. I grab him and get him moving toward the bathroom. Ah! One more puddle just outside the bathroom, some on the rug and we made it to the toilet for the last round. I grab the roll of paper towels to wipe his face and hands and he starts to freak out. "Mommy I have to pee!" I drop the paper towel and unzip the jammies and pull down his underwear. While I'm still holding onto his underwear he starts whining, "It takes yucky Mom!" I laugh, "I can only do one thing at a time, Eli" I pull up his underwear, wipe is face with the paper towel and get him some water so he can rinse out his mouth. Then off with the jammies, put on a t-shirt and send him into our room. Then off to mop the floors and get the rugs picked up.

Tim had the day off so Eli hung out with him. He took it easy and didn't do a whole lot but didn't get sick anymore. It's kind of like what Noah had last week. I hope we're done with it now. Since then it's settled down a little, thankfully!

(I have pics of the boys in jets, but Blogger won't upload them)

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