Monday, October 09, 2006

Growing Up

In the last week or so Simon has really started becoming a big boy. He is pulling himself up on everything, and then looks at you and grins. And then falls and bonks his head a lot more than the other boys seemed to do at his age, or at least more than Tim and I remember. But the best development has been that he says mamamama and dadadada and he’s saying it to the right person at the right times, so it won’t be long until he’s really talking. And I do love that!

This weekend he looked at the light in the kitchen and pointed and made a sound. Like he was trying to say something to us, that was a first for him. So Tim turned the light on and then the fan, and Simon was mesmerized.

He’s at one of the best ages, in my opinion. He loves to be carried and held, and yet you can put him down to play and he’s fine. He’s starting to try to give kisses, which is nice since we’re so in love, that baby and I. Up until now the kissing has been very one sided.

Tim thinks I’m silly, but I know these moments are numbered, so I’m relishing them. I try not to think of it, or I get a lump in my throat and my heart hurts. Just like I don't think about how next year at this time Eli will be in kindergarten. I sort of figured that since I already take him to daycare all day it wouldn't be a big deal for me to transition to take him to school. But it will be, my heart will hurt, there will be the softball size lump in my throat, I know it. It's already starting to grow in there, so for now, I'm ignoring it. I'm trying to do fun things that will make wonderful memories for him for his year of being 4.

Since our love for our kids is modeled after God's love for us, can you imagine how his heart hurts for us? Oh my, it's more than I can fathom!

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