Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby food

Simon is a typical child of mine. He's 9 months this week and doesn't want anything to do with baby food. He won't eat baby food unless you sneak it or if you offer it from your spoon. He'll still eat cereal, so I mix in the new foods I want him to try. But if you offer him anything that even looks like baby food he won't eat it. For instance, I made Cream of Wheat this weekend for breakfast and he wouldn't eat it--too much like baby food. Eli did the same thing, he wouldn't eat applesauce for months because he thought it was baby food.

He's just trying to grow up too fast. He gets in the middle of whatever the "big" boys are doing. Him and Noah roll around a little like they are wrestling. I get worried Simon will be hurt, but they both are laughing and having the best of times and Simon is so tough. I guess that's what happens when you are the third boy. Sometimes I think I should feel bad for him, like maybe he's shortchanged, but he does get the benefit of having not an over-protective Mom, and an experienced Mom--not the case for Eli and even Noah some.

Twice this week (that I've seen) he's let go of whatever he was holding onto to stand by himself. It won't be long until he's walking. I am so enjoying each stage that he's in, but I am so excited for each new stage too, because I know of all the fun things it brings. Oh, he's also starting throwing himself back and hitting his head, like when I sit in a wooden rocking chair with arms that his head can touch when he nurses, he bonks his head on purpose. I'm not sure what that's about. Noah bangs his head on the floor some when he gets mad (he gets that from his dad, Tim's mom says he did that as a baby).

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