Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Noah is really smart, I know I already said I have smart kids; this is post to prove it about Noah. He has a fantastic memory for words: names, songs, nursery rhymes, and movies (see I need to tell you something). When he started at the daycare he was 15 months, and in less than two weeks he knew all of the other children's names in his class (there were about 10). Even now when a new "teacher" starts at the daycare, or a new child, even if it's in Eli's class I ask Noah what their name is, and he almost always knows.

At bedtime he wanted to sing so he started singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. A song that I have never sung to him; he learned it from the daycare. Just last week Tim taught him Hickory Dickory Dock, and he gets a little tongue tied, but he knows it. He sings the alphabet song, and the other day, with no music on, he started singing "Big House" by Audio Arenaline. How fun is that?!? They sometimes listen to the radio at the daycare, and the only thing that's allowed is Klove, so it's all good.

I also might add that he can sing really well for a small child. He can carry a tune easily, like his dad. Eli is like me and can sing, but has to work hard at it.

As he plays, it's fun to listen to what he imagines is going on, and what he names things. My grandma made him a set of little dolls, that I think are Little House on the Prairie people, and he calls them all "Baby Moses." Can you say "Prince of Egypt"? He was talking to himself at the table and called someone Tod (Tod is the fox on "Fox and the Hound"). You would think we let him watch movies all the time, and really, I assure you it's not, but he has the memory to make it appear to the outside world that the VCR/DVD (or DVDR as Eli would say) is the babysitter.

Part of why this talking and memory skills seem like such a big deal is that Eli didn't really start talking much until he was Noah's age, so it's been totally fun to see a little guy just talking it up, and remembering everything.

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