Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ok, so my kids are smart, but they're also ill-mannered at times. Last night (Tuesday) was one of those times. It was not a good evening in our household.

They (Eli & Noah) used to bother each other at dinner since they sat beside each other. So, we did what rational parents would do, we put them on opposite sides of the table. Only I think it's worse. Now they look at each other and either antagonize each other or inspire the other to have bad behavior. Last night Eli kept eating HUGE bites of mashed potatoes so that they would hang out of his mouth. He, of course, thought this was hysterical, and Noah thought Eli laughing uncontrollably with potatoes hanging out of his mouth was the best. So he began to do it too, then Simon wanted in on the action, but since I control his food intake, he could only squeal with joy at the two of them laughing. By this point Tim was gone so I was outnumbered and they knew it.

Then once they were started, it was one thing after another, thinking everything was so funny, and maddening me! They fed the rabbits and Eli left Noah to shut the cage. He can't shut it, so the next thing I know they are chasing Jack around the yard. Superman was right outside of the cage so I picked him right up, but the boys are running after Jack (Noah in his socks since he spilled his milk on himself at dinner and had to change clothes). Noah yells, "Come back to the house, Jack Rabbit!" I'm trying to see the humor of it all, but I'm struggling as I forage through the weeds to get Jack. But they must be used to getting out and caught again since neither of them tried to squirm when I picked them up (my silver lining).

So I decided to put them to bed early. More of the same behavior, and I was whipped, I only want the day to be over. So I got Noah in bed and had Eli come back down with me to finish getting ready since he was dwaddling. He wanted to do an "activity" but I was in no mood to teach so we skipped that. I sent him up to bed and when I went up to put Simon down I checked in on them. Eli's covers are all sideways so as I'm straightening them I hear Noah, who at this point has been laying in bed for 45 minutes, say, "I can't get it out." I tell him to be quiet. He says, "It's stuck, I need help." So I go to see what the problem is. First problem, he has been out of bed and gotten a crane to play with. Then I go to cover him up again and I realize now what he has been talking about. He has a stuffed dog that's over a foot long and about 8ish inches tall and has somehow stuffed it inside of his pajamas, while they are still zipped and he can't get it out. So again, so frustating and yet so funny, I did have to stifle a laugh. That kid!

As an update, Wednesday evening felt very similiar to Tuesday. The upside, Tim helped me with the boy's bath and getting them to bed.

Eli came downstairs to do an "activity" while I nursed Simon. Only he keeps getting distracted and it's past his bedtime, so I say, "Eli, you need to hurry up, it's bedtime and I'm losing my patience!"

Very sweetly, with his head down as he is coloring, "I'll give you your patience back. You can have your patience back."

And I didn't know what to say. Why is it so hard for me to be unconditionally kind to my children? I wish I would learn this lesson in patience, and maintaining my frustration level and temper so that God will let me be done with the training. We have trials to shape us, and I need some shaping apparently!!

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Mom said...

"I'll give you your patience back. You can have your patience." ...
So helpful. Eli could tell by your tone of voice that you really didn't want to lose your patience. GOD was speaking to you through Eli. These children will help you become virtuous.