Thursday, October 26, 2006

Baby kisses

Baby kisses. I love the open mouthed slobbery mess. Simon is perfecting this form of kissing right now. I’ll kiss him on his chubby cheek so his mouth is next to my cheek. Then he’ll open his mouth and rub is open mouth all over my cheek with loads of slobber dripping down. He’s smiling and laughing all the while. It’s so yummy, I could just eat him up!

It won’t be long until he’s a big boy with real kisses (he's nine months today), and then after that the kisses won’t come as often, but none of my boys are to that stage yet, although we have kindergarten next year….

Eli was a much less messy baby kisser, and Noah wouldn’t kiss at all, so this is a treat for me with Simon, and I enjoy it!

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