Friday, October 27, 2006


My kids are superheroes; I have super-smell. At least according to Tim. He says my sense of smell is exaggerated. Mostly referring to when he goes out with his friends and comes back smelling like smoke and alcohol and I can’t take it. We’ll see what you think.

Tim and I were together picking up the boys today and I was leaning in the car buckling Simon in, the car is pulled into the drive of the daycare. All of a sudden I smell cigarette smoke. I quickly look around to see who would be smoking just outside of the daycare. I don’t see anyone and then across the street on the sidewalk I see someone smoking. He was directly across from us. Now, how did I smell that? It was raining and had been all day and it wasn’t windy at all.

When we get in the car I tell Tim that I smelled it and he just rolled his eyes at me and said that my smell is exaggerated. But, I really did smell it. I had no idea that guy was over there. Maybe “super-smell” stuck with me from one of my pregnancies.

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