Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Noah

Noah got up in the night last night about 1:30 and tried to come in our room but the door was latched and he couldn’t get it open. So he went back to his room through the bathroom and into the Nursery so he could get to our room. All the while carrying his quilt (the one I made for him). By this time Simon is restless and starting to wake up. Noah seems very happy and wide awake, not sick or anything thankfully. I asked him if he needed to potty and he said yes. As I’m getting his diaper off Simon is fully awake and crying now, so I get Noah situated and pick Simon up to calm him, meanwhile I hear Noah trying to poop. Simon went right back to sleep. When I get back in the bathroom Noah is wiping himself, of what I’m not sure, since I couldn’t see any evidence of his having gone potty. So I put him in a dry diaper and put him back to bed, and he went right back to sleep. I guess Noah just didn’t want to be left out during the week of “Let’s wake up Mom in the middle of the night” that his brothers had been participating in since Sunday night. Maybe tonight will be uninterrupted… Hey, a girl can hope!

However, he bounced out of bed this morning, so he was no worse for his nighttime adventure. On the way to the daycare this morning we pass two places where they are doing some work with “giants” (known to the rest of the world as heavy equipment) and Noah shouts out, “Me see Bobby-cat!” At the second place they are both looking for more equipment and Noah says, “Me see Bobby-cat too!” Only Eli thinks he meant ‘two’ and not ‘too’ and says, “Mom, I only see one Bobby-cat, Noah saw two. Did you see two Mom?” By this time I’m laughing since Eli got caught up in Noah’s baby talk and got mixed up with 'to'.

One of my favorite things that Noah says is when he’s playing with their little weed whacker and he says, so serious, just like Tim does before he goes outside to work, "I’m going to go whack weed now Mom". It’s so precious that I don’t correct him or even break a smile; one day he’ll just say it right and that’ll be the end of the two year old talk. He’s such an articulate talker that I relish the few things he says silly. Mostly he uses words that are too big for him like, “unacceptable behavior” and “obedience” and phrases that crack you up with how he says them like, “And I know it!”, “I’m in a bad mood.” Ah, that boy of mine. He’s a passionate one.

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