Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jack is Safe

We got home today and Tim had already found Jack (Eli's rabbit) hiding under a bush in the front yard. Tim didn't have any trouble getting him and carried him around for awhile and then got the cage put back together enough to keep him safe...unless the dogs get out again (see what happened yesterday here).

We hadn't buried Superman yet so Noah goes over to him and asks him if he's okay, and then says, "Well, he's not moving." So we had to talk about what being dead means again. And Tim tried to explain to them that we don't pet dead animals, which was hard for them to understand.

Eli said later, "Well, I don't know if God is going to make Superman come back alive again or not. 'Cause he can, but I don't know if he will or not." I said, "I think if God was going to make him come back alive, he would have already done it, so I think he'll stay dead." We need to get that rabbit buried, and quick!

I do love the faith that my boys have, we tell them God can do anything and they believe it. It's hard because I want them to continue in that faith, but I also don't think Superman is coming "back alive", so I need to balance that for them so they understand it's what God wants and not what they want. That's a hard lesson, one that I still struggle with as an adult.

So we're thankful today that Jack Rabbit is alive and well, and only a little worse for the wear. We're thankful he's a wirey, quick little thing that the dogs couldn't catch. And we hope he won't be too lonely without his brother.

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