Friday, November 10, 2006

Transition to Toddlerhood

Simon is turning into a toddler these days. He has begun to do things "with purpose." For instance, he'll decide he wants to play with a particular toy instead of going to the toys and getting what's on top.

He's pulling up on everything and sometimes lets go so he can better do whatever it is he's doing. His balance is coming along nicely. Simon is very determined to get what he wants and is getting good at climbing to help him get what he wants. And he always wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on. I was trying to build with Legos with the older boys and Simon would pull at everything I would put together--Tim said he had been doing the same thing to him so he quit.

He'll make noises to get you to give him more food or water at the dinner table. He screams when the older boys take something from him and when he wants the attention on him. He'll see Tim and say da da da da da, he'll call to me ma ma ma when he wants me.

He made lots of loud noises at the day care the other day because the teacher was taking a picture of one of the other children and as soon as she pointed the camera at him, he smiled. He's an ornery bird!

My theory is the cuter they are the more ornery they are. See how cute this little guy is:

What am I in for? What happens when he and Noah are old enough to really gang up? Good times!

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Grandma said...

Grandma thinks Simon is really getting cute.