Monday, November 13, 2006

Jack Update

Well, I have an update on Jack (Eli's Rabbit).

Tim came in from taking the trash Sunday night and said to me, "Jack's dead." I said, "Jack who?" He looks at me and says, "the rabbit." We'll tell the boys tonight and try to get him buried before it gets dark.

We figure that he had internal injuries from his episode earlier in the week, click here for details. He did have some fur that was missing on his hind quarters where maybe the dog had gotten ahold of him but he had gotten away.

So now we have another rabbit to bury. I wasn't really very excited about feeding the rabbits in the cold of the winter, all winter, but this is definately not what I wanted. And our neighbor has never called to check on the rabbits, if the boys are okay with seeing their rabbit(s) die, to see if we need a new cage or anything. I'm actually pretty disappointed in that. Not that he can do anything about it or that I would expect him to, but to not call and ask the questions, seems very rude. But they are just rabbits, and the boys don't seem to think it's that big of a deal, so I guess it's all fine.

Goodbye Jack. You were a fiesty, somewhat shy, but spunky little rabbit. We'll miss chasing you around the yard when you would get out after Noah would forget to shut the cage. We'll miss you Jack. I'll miss you Jack.

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