Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thankful. I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for many things.

I’m thankful that Eli’s eye is healing nicely (from the sucker stick). I’m thankful that he is so kind and sweet and has a gentle spirit, and is as sharp as a tack.

I’m thankful that Noah is doing really well with his potty training lately. I’m thankful that he is full of spunk and is a handful—he’s a challenge and for that I’m thankful.

I’m thankful that I got a dead bee of some sort out of Simon’s mouth when he found it behind the bathtub Thanksgiving morning and that it didn’t sting him. I’m thankful that he didn’t hurt his teeth when, in his 10 month old rebellion, he slammed his chin down on the coffee table at Grandma & Grandpa’s, and that the bleeding stopped quickly. I’m thankful that when he fell off the couch two hours later and hit his head on the same coffee table, he only cried for a minute since it was time to nurse, and that makes everything better. I’m thankful that when he fell and hit his forehead on our footboard Friday morning that he learned about crawling off the edge of the bed, and then later when he found a live bee beside the bathtub and grabbed it, I’m thankful he’s not allergic to that kind of bee sting, well not much anyway. His chubby little hand got chubbier and that was all. (I’m very allergic to honey bees, so we’re never sure if/what bee allergies the boys may have.)

I’m thankful for a job in the same town that I live for short commutes and running home at lunch to put more wood in the stove and being close enough to go and nurse Simon at lunch. I’m thankful for my old, cold, drafty, and beautiful house. I’m thankful for good friends that visit over the holidays, and a church family that is becoming a very critical part of our family life.

I’m thankful for a husband that I love now more than I did 8 years ago when he proposed under an oak tree. I’m thankful that he loves me just as much and is just as happy with where our lives are going as I am. I’m thankful that he is working full time for “the man” so he can provide for us and soon (relatively) I’ll be able to go to part time to be home with the boys more. I’m thankful that God has softened his heart to know that it’s important for a mom to be home with her children, and the dad to be the main provider.

I’m thankful for a savior who loves me more than I can imagine. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful.

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Mom said...

"we don't need MORE to be thankful for, we need to be more THANKFUL", sure seems appropriate. Reading "Thankful" lets us see what a thankful heart you truly do have this year. You are blessed, Janelle.