Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Red Eye

Everyday on the way home I stop at the end of the driveway and get the mail now that the weather has turned cold. Every day when I get back in the car Eli and Noah say, "Is there anything for me?" Every day I say no.

Today was different however.

I get back to the car and Eli has his hand over his eye and he's crying. It suddenly becomes clear to me. Eli & Noah both have suckers and Noah has a character flaw of slinging his arm over on Eli in an effort to punch him. He obviously did this with his sucker in his hand and it jabbed Eli in the eye.

Immediately I make Eli take his hand away from his eye so I can see it. It's not bleeding, but it's watering pretty good, so I throw the mail down, jump in the seat and tear off up the drive. I tell Eli he has to stop crying and start unhooking. As soon as I stop the car I pull him out so I can look at his eye. But that has to wait since he's about to pee his pants. I help him pee in the yard and then look at his eye. The white part of his eye ball is starting to bleed. I unbuckle Noah and Simon and race in the house. By this time Eli's eye is blood red in the inside corner, but it's not actively bleeding and it's not bleeding out of the eye, it just got the white part red.

Tim looked at it and he agreed that there was nothing we could really do, so we just calmed him down.

Meanwhile Noah has been crying this whole time, so I sent him to the "naughty" chair. He cried the whole time he was there. I just don't know what to do to make him understand that being mean isn't acceptable. Nothing seems to get through to that kid. It's like trying to potty train him. Then he apoligized to me and Eli and hugged Eli and asked him if he was alright (all at my prompting, of course).

The rest of the evening Eli would say periodically that his eye hurt. I told him that there's nothing we can really do, it will just take a couple of days for the hurt to go away like any kind of bruise. I'm just thankful that there wasn't serious or permant damage.

**Noah is not allowed to have suckers in the car anymore** This will be followed my much crying and gnashing of teeth in the future!

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