Monday, November 20, 2006

"Happy Feet"

On Saturday we had my sister's college graduation party at our house-just Mom's side of the family. We stayed home and got all the food ready for when everyone came from the ceremony, and it turned out to be a really fun day.

However, everyone left pretty early so we had the evening open. My sister and her fiancee were going to go to the new movie "Happy Feet". We decided to go with them. It was Noah's first movie and he did really well. We, of course, had to take Simon--we called everyone under the sun to sit for him but couldn't get anyone. He ate vanilla wafers, cheerios, watched the movie and nursed and then it was over. So, over all, he did really well. Noah sat on everyone's lap in turn, ate popcorn, and talked loud about the penguins. He loves to watch movies, so we knew he would do fine. Although he didn't quite understand why we needed to go somewhere to watch a movie.

There is one scene where the penguins are sliding down a bunch of hills and that was when Simon was eating a wafer and watching the movie and he started laughing. That made me laugh so then he would laugh when I would laugh and then I would laugh again....

I heard from a good friend of mine this afternoon, who is pregnant, that she started bleeding this weekend and has lost the baby. She's being so strong. She's going in tomorrow morning for a D&C-please pray. I've never been in that situation so I don't even know for sure what to pray, but any extra prayers sent her way would be appreciated.

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