Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Lights

We were on our way to my Mom’s house this weekend and it was dark so I was calling out which side the boys should look for Christmas lights. There was a house that had a ton of lights, all around the roof, windows, deck, shed, garage, fence, bushes, trees, you name it, they had lights on it. They also had lights in the yard on figurines of Santa and the like, and more lights in just the shape of Christmas trees. The boys really enjoyed that one. Then Eli says, “The must have a lot of room for all those lights. That’s a lot of work to get them out of the attic.”

Can you tell we recently carried down our Christmas stuff from the third floor and in Eli’s mind it was a lot of work, and since these people had more decorations than us, how much more work it must be for them? Tim and I cracked up that he sees the beautiful display and then thinks of the work behind it and the storage space it must take. What have I done to that child? I think he’s old before his time. Note to self: play more games with Eli so he knows that life is fun...

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