Friday, December 01, 2006

A story about each of my kids

Simon. I went to the daycare at lunch to nurse Simon like I do everyday and as I’m sitting down in the rocking chair, one of the teachers says something to him and he starts shaking his head from side to side, as in “no.” So I nod my head and say, “Say yes Simon, yes.” He’s watching me and drops his head down since that’s all he can manage of a nod, and says, “Yeh.” So how fun is that? Now he can say Mama, da da, and has said sister, Lisa, and yeh. He’ll be walking and talking before we know it!

Noah. Before dinner I sent Noah in for a potty break by himself. Well, Eli went and turned the light on for him, but he had easy pants on and he can push his pull-up down himself, and he's so independent and stubborn (my strong willed child) that it often works better if I just leave him alone to do it himself. So a minute or two later he's calling me to come in. I go check on him and he's standing in front of the toilet and says, "Look, I pooped!" Indeed he had and needed me for the wiping part. Then I look at the toilet again, the seat is up--he had climbed up on the rim of the toilet and sat there, without falling in and pooped all by himself. We have old toilets that are tall and big, so I don't know how he managed it other than he's so stubborn he surely wouldn't ask me for help! And lately if I go in with him and he has to poop, he asks me to leave. He wants his privacy already!

Eli. Noah was already in bed and Eli and I had finished his activity (working on number 7), and since I was still nursing Simon I sent Eli up to bed and said I’d check on him when I took Simon up. This is not unusual; it’s our pattern most nights. However, probably 15 or so minutes later when I take Simon up to bed I get to the staircase and Eli is sitting on the bottom step with is hat and mittens on, just hanging out. In the dark. By himself. I couldn’t help it, I busted out laughing. Then I said he needed to get to bed so he could sleep and not be grouchy tomorrow. Oh, he’s also taken to asking, “Is it tomorrow?” It’s so hard to explain tomorrow and yesterday.

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