Thursday, January 04, 2007

Potty Time

I've decided that Noah is officially potty trained. It makes me feel better and it’s actually true. His only problem is his oh-so-frequent bouts of diarrhea, so we still send him to the daycare in a pull-up since they don’t wash anything out and just put it in a bag for me. Except for today, Tim got him ready and put him in real underwear, so I hope he does okay.

He’s finally running to the bathroom on his own to go and tells you if he needs to poop. If we could just get the diarrhea under control, we’d be okay.

He’s so different from Eli in so many ways, potty training being one of them. Eli is a kid who likes company in the bathroom, Noah not only doesn’t want company, he prefers to struggle through himself. That’s finally how I got him potty trained, I would say, “It’s time for a potty break. Do you want me to help you or do you want to do it yourself?” The response would always be, “I do it myself!” Then he would get in there and go. I also put a night light in there that he could turn on himself if it was dark since he can’t reach the switch. It worked out very nicely.

So the other day he’s taking a potty break and I had gone in with him to unsnap his jeans and he was talking to me and then he jumps up on the seat to poop and says, “Mom I need you out. Get out.” So I stand in the doorway leaning against the jam facing out of the bathroom to give him privacy. The way the room is set up he’s almost beside me, but the toilet area is recessed so he can’t see me and he says, “Mom your hair is still in here, get out!” Apparently he could still see my pony tail. That kid….

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