Sunday, January 07, 2007


On Friday when I went to the daycare at lunch to nurse Simon some of the teachers were in there talking, and I never know if they mean for me to hear or not, but I do. Simon and I sit over in a rocker and we’re out of the way, but can hear just fine.

Anyway, they started talking about the “babies,” including Simon and I love to hear other people talk (nicely) about my kids. Some of the things they said were:
-If you ever feel someone playing with your shoes, it’s Simon

-Any particle on the floor Simon will find and pick up, no matter how small

-If you try to get him to walk to you, he’ll take a couple of steps and then fall and just laugh, and be so proud he was walking

-When there are a couple children in the highchairs if one of them starts crying Simon points to them and tries to say something

-Simon always wants to share his food with you, he likes to try to feed it to you

Simon is a sweet, sweet little boy. He has as soft spirit—if you tell him no or take something away from him, often times if he’s sitting he will lean over and put his forehead all the way down on the floor and cry like he’s been wounded, even if you haven’t spoken harshly.

He’s getting big enough to really start training, which is both daunting and exciting. The third time around here, I feel like I know what’s important, so I’ll be picking my battles better than I did the first or second time through the second year.

Simon is in between the personalities of Eli and Noah so I think some of the tactics we have learned for them will work with him and we won’t have to start from scratch so many times like we did with Noah. But he is his own person, and I am counting on some challenges where I’ll need to start back at square one, but I look forward to watching him grow and teaching him.

I’m getting into the groove of being a mom to little boys, and I’m finding I like it, it’s not just something to get through, but something to help me learn and grow while they are learning and growing.

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