Friday, April 27, 2007


I was running bath water for the "little" boys this week and Simon kept getting toys and throwing them in. Not the bath toys, but matchbox cars and stuff like that. He's laughing and thinks it's funny because Noah is laughing and thinking it is funny. I told Simon to stop throwing things in the tub.

Then I start getting Simon undressed. As soon as I get one of his shoes off he grabbed it and threw it in the tub. I got his socks off and he threw one in, I pulled it out and told him "Don't!" Then he threw in both socks, laughing all the while. I pulled them out again and shook my finger at him and said, "Simon, don't! Don't throw your clothes in the tub!" He puts his head down for a minute like the does when you've scolded him and then he looks at me, points his chubby little index finger at me and says, "Don't!" in his deep little gutteral, gruff, barky voice.

I busted out laughing. I know, I know, Parenting 101, don't laugh at the bad things they do, it only encourages them. But I like to laugh and it it was so funny!

The next morning Tim was getting Simon ready and he's pointing his finger at Tim and telling him "Don't!" and then just laughs because we all laugh when he says it.

I picked him up from the daycare and one of the workers says to me, "Guess what Simon said today? I was holding one of the other babies and Simon wanted to sit with me too and I told him he had to wait until the baby was alseep. Simon kept coming up to me and smacking the baby or me because he was angry. I said to him 'Don't hit Simon.' The he pointed his finger at me and said, 'Don't!' " I'm just laughing as she's telling the story because I know where it's headed as soon as she starts.

Now he puts his little index finger right up by his nose, hunches his neck down just a little and says, "Don't!" He says it when one of the other boys is having bad behavior, like he's the parent.

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Jessica said...

This sounds like my nephew. When my sister is discipline him he says, "Calm down Momma, Settle Down!" It is hard at times not to laugh at the bad things...sometimes it's just so funny!