Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad Mood

It's been a busy week for us, and I have felt like I haven't had a minute--it's taken me 4 days to get our grocery list together. Finally yesterday I just stopped and got milk. It's hard to feed the boys without milk. Tim's running to the grocery tomorrow, it'll be his first chance to not be working like a fiend all week.

And I have lost my temper with the boys twice this week. I get irritated with them a lot, but I lost my temper and I have really been doing much better with that. So I'm a little down on myself about that and haven't wanted to face the music write about it. I even hesitated to tell Tim about it last night. But in retrospect, the preceding events were funny.

I'm behind in my housework too, which only adds to the shortness of my temper. Plus with the boys being home all day now, there is more dirt to clean up at the end of the day. It's good, I just need to get into a new groove of more cleaning.

I need to recharge so I can be good to my family again. With that in mind, I'm making it a goal to do my "satin hands" treatment tonight and go to bed early. When I don't get enough sleep, we all suffer. No sense in that!

On the bright side I'm using the gift certificate Tim got me for Christmas to go to a B&B on Sunday for a Cinnamon Sugar rub. My family is so good to me and then I go and act like a jerk. I guess is proves I'm only human!

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