Monday, May 21, 2007

The Kingdom Grows Again!

We were outside a week ago Saturday getting our yard and things ready for the season. Well, the boys were playing and Tim & I were working.

At one point Noah comes running up to me half crying. I get him to talk to me in a "normal" voice and he says, "Eli said Jesus doesn't live in my heart."

Eli is very proud that Jesus lives in his heart, and in his big brotherly way, flaunts to Noah that he hasn't asked Jesus to live in his heart.

So I squat down to Noah and say, "Well Noah, do you want Jesus to live in your heart? He will, all you have to do is ask."


"Okay then, let's pray." So we prayed a simple little sinners prayer and he ran off to tell Eli that Jesus does live in his heart.

Since then we've talked about Jesus living in his heart and what that means, and I'm thinking that he gets it, on a three year old level. We'll continue to build on this foundation as he gets older, and I'm excited about that. I'm happy that I got to be there with him and help him pray.

And I'm so thankful. He's going to need that voice of Christ from his heart as he grows and has lots of choices to make along the way. He already struggles with authority and following the rules.

I need all the help I can get raising that one!

So that's two down, and one to go!!

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