Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Wow it's been a while since I've had a post. I'm not even sure where to start.

We had VBS last week and it went really well. The boys had a great time-Simon missed me during the evenings since he was in the nursery while I helped with crafts. And to make up for he it woke up two nights during the week so we could spend a little extra quality time together. But I won't complain, I missed my snuggle bug too. And he's growing so fast.

During VBS the boys and girls bring in pennies (for a boy and girl our church sponsers) and whoever brings in the most pennies got to throw water balloons at the either the children's director (a woman-boys throw) or the mascot (a man-girls throw). My boys were so pumped up about it. We sorted money everynight and filled up baggies for them to take, but the boys fell short. The final tally was 190 pounds of pennies for the boys and 199 pounds of pennies for the girls. I don't know how much money that ended up being but it was over 2 five gallon buckets full of pennies.

Eli is talking about next year already and how the boys can win, so he has asked Tim if he will save his pennies so Eli can take them to VBS so the boys can win. Tim's not sure about that since we are trying to limit spending money and he uses his spare change usually, but Eli is pretty convincing so I think Tim will cave. He loves his boys!

Noah acts like he doesn't want to do things, but it's only for attention, and he really likes doing "big kid" things, like VBS. He was really excited about singing in the VBS program at church Sunday morning. Tim's parents and Grandma came to watch and my boys and all the children did really well, it was a lot of fun. They gave us a CD of the VBS music so we've been listening to that and doing the motions while sitting in their car seats-highly entertaining I tell you.

They also had their daycamp during the week with a Rescue Hero theme so they had tons of fun with that and got fire hats, flashlights, hard hats, all kinds of that kind of thing which they are loving. The camp was close to Tim's parents so they stopped in and had lunch with the boys and then took a different one of them back to their house each day to nap and that worked out well. They didn't have to drive all the way to our house and they got to see the kids.

We had a family reunion at our house on Sunday-it was the first time at our house and we didn't have a huge turnout but we think it was good. It was only the third year for the reunion so it's still in the beginning stages anyway. I'm helping a little to coordinate so that's fun. I started gathering information so we can put together a family tree, which I think will be fun.

Tim got some rocks from his parents house that he had stacked there when he was still living at home and one of my uncles helped him unload them after the reunion-which is good since they were really heavy and I didn't want to have to do it. Tim's mom wasn't happy he was taking the rocks, but once she sees the wall that Tim is going to build I think she'll be okay with it. It will look really nice-at least that's what we think. He'll pour the concrete footer in the late fall and then build the wall in early spring. When he's done I'll post pictures.

This week we are "summer busy" but back to our normal schedule and we are all happy about getting back into our routine of normal bath and bedtimes. And me getting things back in order in the house-we were all gone all week so it's really just the kitchen in need of attention.

Tim and I have started to watch the Lord of the Rings trillogy in small pieces after the kids are in bed so maybe we can do that a couple times this week with things heading back to "normal." Of course that will only last for about a week or so because then we'll be in full wedding mode! We are less than three weeks away from my sister's big day.

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Jessica said...

Whew! You wore me out and I just read what you guys were up to! :) We are having VBS next week. I am teaching a class so I took off work. I decided I can't do both and be a nice person!