Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More on the Food Front

When we had the reunion over the weekend my dad gave us some corn, green beans and lettuce from their garden.

I fixed the corn for dinner Monday and we ate all that, then last night we used some of the lettuce for BLTs (tomatoes courtesy of friends of Tim's parents) and some green beans. However there were a lot of beans so I finished snapping them and blanched them-had to look that up on the net-and froze them. I got almost 6 quart sized bags of beans. I was pretty pleased about that.

See how that helps fill up my freezer for those hungry bellies? It also falls in line with the no maintenance on my end. Nothing like someone handing you a bag of picked beans!

When we were getting rocks at Tim's parents over the weekend the boys and I picked up apples from their tree and kept the good ones that were red. Eli was very excited about us making applesauce so I used those and made applesauce last night too. It only made a little over a quart, but it's good applesauce. Eli helped a little, mostly he watched and wanted to keep tasting it to see if it needed more sugar or not.

Again filling my shelves with jars of food that were no work for me-only to put them up. So yeah for that!

Then I cleaned all the parts for the mixer I used to make the applesauce and mopped the kitchen floor and folded a load of laundry. I was quite domestic yesterday and I feel pretty good about that. But don't expect that everyday!

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Jessica said...

I will also get in those domestic moods and when I do, watch out!