Friday, July 27, 2007

Which Handed?

I drew a house at Noah's request and he proceeded to color the windows and doors, draw a TV antenna out the top of the roof (we don't have cable, just a TV antenna for reception-old school style).

I suggested he draw a chimney and then he went into some long and fairly disjointed story about Santa not being able to get in. All the while he is drawing and coloring.

As I am watching him he has the crayon in his right hand and starts down at the "ground" on the right side of the house and draws a line up around the house (like he's drawing a circle) and when he gets to the peak of the roof at the top he seamlessly switches the crayon to the other hand and finishes the circle around the house with his left hand.

I have never seen a child who has no preference at all with which hand he does things. He'll write his name and start out with is right hand and then after 2 or 3 letters switch to his left, or vice versa.

When he eats he'll take a bite with one hand, set the fork down and pick it up with the other hand to take the next bite. He has essentially the same skill level with both hands. Which I find remarkable.

When he was a baby and was learning new skills all the time he would learn things first with his right hand and then once he got it learned he would do it with his left hand.

We, nor our sitter, push him to be either left or right handed so who knows how he'll end up. Maybe he'll be a great switch-hitter.

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