Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The other night, in the middle of the night, I rolled over and my big toe touched Tim's leg. Quick as a wink, Tim slaped my foot-hard.


"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to hit you, I thought you were a spider."


"I had a spider crawl over my leg earlier and now I can't get back to sleep. I keep thinking I feel it.

"Oh." Pause. "Well, did you kill it?"

"No, it crawled off the bed before I could."

"Oh," as I roll over and go back to sleep. I value my sleep and there is little that keeps me up in the night. Besides I take precautions to make sure the bugs and whatnot can't get me.

First thing out of Tim's mouth as soon as he hits snooze on the alarm the next morning. "I'm sorry I smacked your foot last night."

Apparently Tim had been lying awake before he smacked me, which is probably why I rolled over the in the first place. Lying next to a restless body makes me restless.

Since our house is old, we have no AC, so we put a fan in the window and blow the cool night air on to us while we sleep. This particular night Tim was apparently still hot so he was on top of the covers-which is something I just won't do and we can all now see that I am justified in my weirdness. He was laying on the covers, asleep, when he was wakened by the weight of the spider crawling on him. I was picturing something like Sarah found, but Tim said it was a smaller one, like the hairy kind and had some weight to it.

And there are people who still don't think we eat spiders while we sleep! I also keep the covers in my fist up by my mouth to help ward off bugs and spiders crawling in my mouth while I sleep. I know it happens, so I'm just taking the reasonable precautions. I live in an old house with lots of cracks for bugs and spiders to get in so I'm just being realistic. I also make sure the kids are covered with a sheet before I go to bed. They wake up with some nasty bites sometimes and I hate to think of what it was that was crawling all over their little bodies!

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Jessica said...

I recently had some type of bug in bed with me. I didn't feel it but for three days I woke up with a new bug bite. I believe it was a mosquito because the bites are similar to those of a mosquito. Of course it did not stop me from sound sleeping...I just changed the sheets...miraculously, no further bites.