Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday before the Wedding

We started decorating the hall and they started the food prep on Friday at about 9am. We stayed until about 2 and then I had to head home to get the house straightened and decorated for the rehearsal dinner.

Thankfully the weather broke for Friday and we weren't sweltering like we had been all week. Our nephew came and helped us set up the tables and chairs on the front porch which was a huge help to me. Our cousin made all the food and had it all ready when she came. She was planning to come anyway since her daughter was the flower girl so it worked out great. My best friend was in from out of town for the wedding and she came and watched the little boys for us since we were all busy during the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went pretty quick, Eli did his part well and was very excited the flower girl was holding onto his arm, it was too cute!

Then we all went back to our house for the dinner and had a nice time. We stayed until the mosquitos decided to make their appearance and then people started to leave and head inside.

We finished up the favors and chatted about wedding stuff and the timeline for Saturday and got everything squared away so we all knew what we were supposed to be doing when.

The boys had a hard time going to sleep--it was a rough night. By the time I got out of the shower and was headed to bed about 2am, Noah was still awake and had mosquito bites that were bothering him so I covered them in caladryl and he went to sleep. I had given Simon his pacifier about 1 hoping that would help him go to sleep since he was still awake, but at 2 when I was helping Noah Simon was still awake so I rocked him for awhile but he never did go to sleep so I just put him back down.

By that time Tim was getting mosquito bites so he went in another bedroom to sleep--I had forgotten to close the screen all the way when I opened the window so we had mosquitos in our room and we had the doors wide open for the rehearsal dinner since we had the food on the dining room table so I'm sure plenty of them came in then.

Then about 4am Eli comes in and says he itches all over so I told him to come in bed with me but he kept wiggling and kicking me so I sent him back to his own bed. Then at 5 Eli comes back in and says he still itches so we went back to his room to get the caladryl and cover his bites--all over his face!!

I was trying to be calm but was pretty freaked out since he sometimes swells up with mosquito bites and he was going to be in all the wedding pictures on Saturday. I told him not to scratch ANY and gave him allergy medicine. Noah heard us talking so he crawled out of bed and asked to have me put "stuff" on his bites again so I did. Then we all went back to bed. Then my alarm went of (mistakenly) at 6:20. We were all pretty tired getting up Saturday morning but it was the WEDDING DAY and we were all excited!

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Jessica said...

Ugh, mosquito bites are the worst! Poor kiddos, and you and hubby too! :)