Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stealing Kisses

Simon is past the phase of open mouthed slobbery baby kisses, but I so enjoyed that phase. Now to kiss, he closes his mouth-not puckered at all, and leans towards you and lets you kiss him, if you're not his mama. If you're his mama, he'll jerk his head away and shout, "NO!"

No kisses for the mama. He'll kiss Tim, the other boys, grandparents, other kids, whoever, but not his mama. You know, the one who grew him in her belly for 41 weeks, who labored for two days to deliver him, who nursed him for 12 3/4 months, that one gets no kisses.

Yesterday, I got home from work and he runs to me, ams open wide. I picked him up and he's so happy to see me.

Then as the sitter is getting ready to leave he says, "Bye, bye," and waves and then reaches for her so she leans over and he hugs her, then she says, "Kisses?" and he leans toward her so she can kiss him. So I immediately say, "Kisses?" and he leans back toward my face so I can kiss him and then he suddenly realizes he won't kiss me, shouts "NO!," jerks his head to the side and leans away from me so I can't kiss him. The sitter says "Kiss?" again and he leans over so she can kiss him again. The little varmit!

I have to resort to stealing kisses!

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