Sunday, August 05, 2007

Close Call

I took Noah for his follow up appointment at the peditrician--and all is well thankfully! God is good.

Anyway, since we had to wait so long on the doc and Noah was good and I hadn't eaten lunch yet, we went to a frozen custard place that I just can't get enough of. I ordered a burger and a "banilla" cone for Noah. Later he told grandma, "I got a cone, it was banilla. It wasn't brown and it didn't stain my shirt." Apparently I focus on what will stain their clothes...

It was only a one scoop but he took a sweet forever eating it. However I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and didn't rush him. I so rarely get to spend one on one time with the boys away from home that I figured we'd make an event of it even if it did include a doctor appointment.

There was a water fountain in the outside eating area that Noah spied while we were eating so we decided when we were done we would go out and look at it. Which is just what we did. He really enjoyed it being just us and so did I. He's three and turning into the sweetheart that Eli is, it's so fun!

Then we headed home and had a close call. We were behind a car that was turning left--they were slowing down, had their left turn signal on so all indication were a left turn. Now the road is wide in that particular spot so I decided to use the extra space (a full lane wide) and pass on the right. I know not always the best decision, but they were going to have to wait on oncoming traffic to turn left so I slowed down and made sure that the person waiting to pull out of the DMV on the right saw that I was passing, and didn't want to pull out in front of me. He saw me and was clearly waiting too, so I went ahead and started pulling around to the right to pass the turning car.

I don't know how far behind we were from that little red car when they changed their mind, but instead of a left hand turn as indicated by their turn signal, they made a sharp right turn into the DMV RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! I slammed on the brakes and I can see that I'm not going to get my hunk of SUV stopped in time and I'm wondering what I can do. I can't go left--oncoming traffic and traffic behind me, right is a big curb and a small hill. I just push the brakes harder and pray we can stop in time.

We do! We get stopped! Adrenaline is flowing and my arms are shaking. As I sit there taking deep breaths trying to compose myself Noah says, "What's that noise? What's making that sound?"

"Noah we had to stop really fast to not hit that car so that was our tires trying to get stopped really fast. And they did, they got us stopped."

"Oh good"

As I continue to regain my composure and sit there, the guy who was waiting to pull out of the DMV is looking at me shaking his head in disbelief that the little car turned in front of me. The little car on the other hand just continued to pull in and find a parking spot, never looking back or even noticing that their lives could have ended.

I'm thankful we got stopped and no one was hurt. And hopefully if that was someone going for their driver's test they learn quickly which is which when it comes to putting on the correct turn signal. That could have been such a bad scene, but it wasn't.

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