Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The "little" boys were taking a bath and I already had Simon out and his PJs on him when I went to help Noah get out and dried off. Noah got out of the tub and the stool wasn't on the other side (the tub is very high) so when he went to put his foot down he lost his balance and fell on the tile/rug in front of the toilet.

He was fine so I started laughing as I helped him up and wrapped him in his towel. But he had gotten cold and started to wimper. Simon came in, got right in front of Noah, put his face right in Noah's face and said, "Happened? Happened?" Then proceeded to hug Noah to make him feel better.

How sweet is that?


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Deanna said...

He was so compassionate here after he pushed Sarah (who is more than a foot taller and outweighs him by 10 pounds easily) at the Halloween party.

He came up to her, gave her a little snuggle, and then went about the important business of continuing play time.

Gotta love it!!