Monday, October 22, 2007


One of my quirks is that I can have a conversation with Tim, about anything really, and not remember a single word of it. This happens frequently. It's not that I don't value my conversations with him, I do, I'm very selfish about having my time with him to connect. But Tim is, how should I say it, a dreamer, a schemer? Always thinks big, and unrealistic in my terms. Thus, if I determine the conversation is in the "dream" catagory, I don't waste my brain cells trying to remember it. Which just infuriates him to no end.

However some of the things to come to pass and then he'll site my opinion back to me, and I'll claim we never even talked about it, that's not what I think, why would I say that? He gets mad and says we did talk about it and he doesn't know why that was my opinion it didn't make any sense to him either--you get the idea.

The other day he starts talking about buying the property next to us and building a house in the woods and that he'd like to put gates on the driveway to that house. I just looked at him and snickered.

Like any of that will happen, and if it would happen it would be so far down the road that to me it seems silly to even discuss it with everything else we have going on now and what would need to happen between now and then. But not only does he proceed with the conversation, he draws a rough sketch of what the gates would look like and tells me where he would put them.

I just started laughing, knowing this conversation will come back to haunt me at some point, since I'm agreeing that these gates are a good idea, when really, I don't care in the slightest. However, let the man have his dream!

Tim realizes why I'm laughing so he draws a line with an X at the bottom of the sketch for me to sign, and then adds above the line, "Have seen, will remember" I just laugh some more and refuse to sign. I won't remember this 10 years down the road, but he will. I will remember how Simon repeats everything any of us say, how Noah gets up in the morning and says about the lamp light on the dresser, "I can't take it" and how Eli likes to wear "fancy" clothes to church-Tim up there singing in jeans and Eli sitting with me in is dress shoes, pants, shirt and tie, because I put that into the "important" catagory, and I remember that stuff!


Jessica said...

Those are the best memories to have!

Grandma Beth said...

Picturing this is "sweet". Each one's brain works differently. How well You know!

Deanna said...

It's the opposite in our family. Andy doesn't remember half of our conversations. I could film us having the talk and he'd deny we every discussed it!

I should take Tim's idea...........