Thursday, October 18, 2007


Tim has very fine, straight hair and to keep it in place he uses an assortment of gel and hairspray everyday. Me, I run a brush through my hair and pull it back in a single barrette or a pony tail. I'm pretty low maintenance. My hair has a little body to it and is relatively course, Tim's, not so much, it's baby fine.

This week, Eli, who has hair like me, has decided he wants to have his hair fixed like Tim. He's been getting dressed quickly so he can come into our bathroom while Tim is doing his own hair and have Tim fix his.

Now remember, he's five and fiddles with his hair so in no time it looks like nothing has been put in he handles it so much. He also doesn't have a hair cut with the intention of "fixing" it so Tim's been battling that, not to mention Tim has no idea how to handle Eli's course, unruly hair or the cowlick in the front of his head. It's been pretty funny.

Today is Kindergarten picture day so we'll see what Eli's hair looks like by the time he makes it through the hour and a half bus ride/free time before school even starts, much less make it to his turn for pictures. They could be interesting!


Grandma Beth said...

It is hard to believe any of your hair needs "primping", because you each look healthy, alert, and so very happy!

McBorn said...

I'm excited to see his pictures. He'll seem like such a big kid when he brings home school pictures!! (with a cheesy smile, I'm sure)