Thursday, October 04, 2007


We have a plant in the hallway. It never seems to do well. Maybe it's because I don't remember to water it, or maybe it doesn't get the right sunlight, or maybe I just don't have a green thumb. We gave my mom one of these at the same time we got ours and she's had to re-pot hers into a much bigger pot. Or maybe, just maybe, I have a lot of little gardeners that help me. Let's have a look.Not a bad plant until you realize we've had it for eight years or so. It's just not thriving. Let's see if we can figure out why.

Here you can see where a little gardener thought the plant could be helped by snipping off several leaves. I shudder to know what they used.
And here, you can see another gardener thought it was high time this thing bloomed. (Bloom, I'd be happy if it stayed alive!) Apparently if the trimming of leaves won't make it bloom, then maybe just adding the bloom is the solution to the problem.

It does add a little color, so I can see what they are going for. However I was drying the flowers from my sister's wedding to make some kind of arrangement that she could keep and when I went to work on it, I was one pink rose short. It took me a little while to find it. It was not the first place I looked needless to say.

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Jessica said...

I also don't have a green thumb. I wish I could help! It sounds like someone in your house is interested in flowers!