Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bridal Bouquet

I mentioned that I was drying the flowers from my sister's wedding. Her bouquet and mine in hopes of doing something nice with it that she could keep.

I had thought of putting it all in a basket for a potpourri, or in a glass dish with a lid, but couldn't really come up with what I was going for in my mind. But it was a pretty vague idea so that's not surprising.

I ended up at Kmart in the clearance aisle and found a vase. It was a little bit taller than I was thinking, once I started thinking about a vase that is. Then I got thinking some more if I could make it work and knew we had some some of those clear glass "rocks" that might work for filling up the bottom.

I also found a piece of blue tulle that she had left from the church bows and wound it around in the vase with the clear rocks.

Then I put the pink roses from my boquet in since they had short stems and used her white ones to stand up. Some of them had long stems. The glass rocks worked great to stick the stems down in to make an arrangement. Someone could think I had that all planned out from the beginning.

Once the roses were in I filled in with the other flowers from our bouquets. I think it looks nice, we'll see what she thinks. If she doesn't like it, or only uses it for a few years, I'm only out the cost of the vase, which was cheap, so it's fine.

The finished arrangement:

What do you think?


McBorn said...

I like it! I really like that it is all down in the vase, that way the petals won't get blown away. And the tulle, also from my wedding, is cool too. Thanks!

Mom said...

Creative, colorful, and classy! A keeper as long as your sister wants!

Deanna said...

I think it's GREAT!! Very creative and memorable!! Two thumbs up!!