Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving break and hope you all did too!

Tim always says that boys are a lot more rowdy than girls and I tend to agree with him but I saw a case in point last night that cracked me up.

We have our small group (bible study from church) meet at our house and last night there were our three boys and the next family that came has three boys as well (9, 7 &5). All six of the boys were just being rowdy boys and having a good time. Then the next family came and they have two girls.

The girls were excited to play with the boys but within about two minutes one of the girls was hurt and all of the boys were getting lectured by the mom of the other boys.

So the mom of the little girls says, let's go over here and play something nice and quiet like playdoh. All the girls sat down and played playdoh nicely and weren't rowdy at all.

Talk about polar opposites!


Jessica said...

Aw, I can't wait for those days! :) Boys will be boys.

Ariel L said...

Too funny! And so true!