Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm thankful we have generous family who love my kids!

My uncle called-the aunt and uncle we went to Walt Disney World with in the spring. My aunt has a work conference at Disney World in February, and my uncle has decided to go with her-except she'll be busy during the day and he needs a buddy to take to the parks. They invited Noah to go with them!

Noah is very excited; Eli is a little disappointed, but since he's in school he understands. I told him they'll do something special with him when he's out of school-I can't promise Disney, but something fun I'm sure.

Noah has never been away from us for that long, it'll be four nights without any immediate family. But he just loves them and really likes Disney so it'll be fine. They said they could pick him up on Tuesday so they would have him for the early flight on Wednesday, but I'm thinking I want to keep him home and I'll take him to the airport in the morning. He'll be almost four by then, but he's still my little boy! That way he'll see me on Wednesday and again on Sunday when they come home so that should make it easier for him. I told him he could call me anytime he wanted to while he's there, but I think they'll keep him pretty worn out so he won't have time to miss any of us much!

I'm thankful they love my kids and my kids love them!

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Deanna said...

He'll have a wonderful time. I'm sure he'll call once, probably more for your sake than his! :) Sounds like a great bonding time for him. Some of my fondest childhood memories are those when I spent "alone time" with someone special!